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ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-5 & Issue-4 Published (Acceptance Ratio=47.36%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-5 & Issue-3 Published (Acceptance Ratio=38.88%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-5 & Issue-2 Published (Acceptance Ratio=25%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Submit your Paper Last date 20th June 2017

ijmcs  IJMCS

Submit your paper @ Free of Cost

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-5 & Issue-1 Published (Acceptance Ratio=28.94%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-4 & Issue-5 Published (Acceptance Ratio=41.42%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-4 & Issue-4 Published (Acceptance Ratio=54.02%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-4 & Issue-3 Published (Acceptance Ratio=48.05%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-4 & Issue-2 Published (Acceptance Ratio=44%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-4 & Issue-1 Published (Acceptance Ratio=50%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-3 & Issue-2 Published (Acceptance Ratio=34%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

Submit your Paper Last date 10th October 2015

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-2 & Issue-6 Published (Acceptance Ratio=69.56%)

ijmcs  IJMCS October

Volume-2 & Issue-5 Published (Acceptance Ratio=45.94%)

ijmcs  IJMCS 15 August

Upcoming Isuue: Volume-2 & Issue-6

ijmcs  IJMCS

Volume-2 & Issue-4 Published (Acceptance Ratio=25%)

ijmcs  IJMCS

National Conference on (Advances in Modern Computing and Application Trends) Organised By Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore, India

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    Peer Review Process

    IJMCS follows peer review process by the following steps:

    Step 1: (Author)

    Author submits his/her manuscript to IJMCS by mailing to

    Step 2: (Editor)

    Editor in chief forward the article to appropriate reviewers related to that subject.

    Step 3: (Reviewer)

    Reviewer board will check the manuscript and give the status of the paper as following:

    1. Accepted
    2. Accepted with modification
    3. Rejected
    Editor board gives this conformation to author by mail. If paper is accepted then editor will also request to author to send final manuscript and copyright form.
    Step 4: (Author)

    If hard copy of certificate is required by the author of paper, then he has to pay certificate charges and contact to the editor for details. For more details : Click Author's Instruction

    Step 5: (Publisher)

    Publisher will publish the accepted paper in coming issue and give the information to author.

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